Free Energy for your projects


@SlaveDuino did you install local server :slight_smile:?


for what??:no_mouth:


For free energy???..


Are we supposed to get “free energy” on the local server?

If not how does the android application handle buying energy using a local server?


You can change it yourself via the webadmin panel at port 7443 (e.g. http://ipaddress:7443/admin)


Hi, I’ve installed a blynk server on my local computer. I am planing to install it on my home raspberry pi3. How can I get free energy on my local server ?


Did you read last post from @Lichtsignaal?


On windows localhost:7443/admin doesn’t work. Am I doing something wrong ? (I know i don’t have apache installed, but i didn’t need it from the instructions. Thanks


No, it should work fine. Did you create a file?


Just want to add that I’m pleased to see these guys recognised. Their names frequently pop up when I’m trying to find something out by looking back at forum posts, and Lichtsignaal took the time to help me with some very basic stuff lately - it’s actions like that which make the Blynk community so unusually friendly for the internet, and long may it continue.


It seems that you cannot get anymore free energy from watching the ads. When they update the app it is gone. Any other way to get free energy?


Write blog/post/article/tutorial about Blynk and post it somewhere.


Hey Hii Blynk, I am using Blynk since last few days, but I have completed my first project successfully today. So after deleting all of my widgets I have seen that my energy balance decreased from 2000 to 1800, I haven’t shared my project with anyone but It seems Blynk server is auto-deducting my Energy. I was going to purchase the 20$ pack today now I am thinking what if my all energy will decrease like this. Help me Blynk with a suitable reply


We don’t do this. Did you use Home Screen Widgets?


I needing energy to complete my project, but I can’t buy energy, I’m from Myanmar. How can i do?


what do you mean by that “you can’t buy energy”?
on what phone did you tried, and how?
please give more details!


@wanek Myanmar is sanctioned by the US and can only use free apps from Google Play.

@1heinthiha1 I was going to suggest using a VPN but perhaps check this out first


@1heinthiha1, how much energy you need?
i have sent pm to you, please check it out.


I wanna show DHT 22 data, some switches, some slide switches, LCD etc. I have no energy to do it. I used I phone 7. But I can’t buy energy from our country with PayPal or credit cards. I’ll attached my condition screenshots.


i see.

  • first, try the method @Costas recommended, theoretically it should work on phone. or use tor browser on pc to buy energy

  • if it does not work, what i can offer, that you send me your login credentials by pm, i buy you some energy than you can change your password.

  • or use local server with unlimited energy

i have no other ideas