Accessing Local Server Remotely

Hi all around Blynk :slight_smile:
I’m a new user here and using Blynk - super !!

I’d like to ask you about the free energy. If I understand well after installing the blynk local server I have for my projects unlimited energy - that’s clear.
If I have a local server am I able to see my sensors on the internet??

Many thanks

Yes, you can access your sensor data when not connected to your home network, provided your ISP doesn’t use a Double NAT system.

You will need to do some port forwarding in your router to make this work. A little searching of the forum will tell you everything you need to know.


Yes you can , but you have to forward some ports on your router.

If your ISP has double NAT or CGNAT then use zerotier on your server and device you want to view the server on (android phone perhaps). My ISP has CGNAT so my only option is zerotier and it works great.