Export csv emails link with localhost ip

When i tap the “Export CSV” button on the widget, my local server correctly sends the email, but it uses the localhost address “” instead of the server’s local network address.

I searched the source code to see if there was an undocumented property.
Instead i found this: https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-server/blob/master/server/core/src/main/java/cc/blynk/utils/IPUtils.java
The method resolveHostIP() searches all the interfaces, picking the first named “eth”+something.
My server’s interface is not named that way, which is quite a frequent problem.

Is it possible to add a server property to change the interface name it looks for?

EDIT: i’m quite a beginner at programming, but if i manage to make somehthing good before you do i may try to submit a pull request :wink:

@Gspin hello. If you see how it could be solved - any Pull Request is welcomed :slight_smile:.

Quick fix would be to set property reset-pass.http.host with IP of your server.

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Thanks, i’ll try that

I sent my pull request, hoping it’s good enough :slight_smile:

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Yeap. Thanks, Already commented :slight_smile:.