Every time i loose internet connection the door goes up

HI i am using this code for my garage door but every time i loose internet connection the door goes up.(the relay)
How can i sync the digital pin that i am using for the relay to stays off after reconnecting with internet?
Thank you!!!

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Blynk - FTFC

code pls!

I know if you lose power the relay will cycle, causing the garage door to change state. To avoid that use two relays, one normally open and the other normally closed.

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nice trick! Got to remember that one!

Thank you i will try with two relays.

@Constantinos_Anastas, I control my home garage door with a simple project made with BLYNK. Only 1 relay is needed, if I loose power or connection my garage door does not go up. I honestly suspect it may be a coding issue and not a hardware one. If you post your code, someone here may be able to help.

But you are also free to use two relays if that is how you wish to solve it.

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I agree that two relays isn’t the way to go.
Identify the real cause of the issue and fix it.

@Constantinos_Anastas did I read in one of the posts that were deleted that you’d hacked a remote control to control your door, or am I getting mixed-up with another user?