Eventor and Webhooks

there seems to be a Problem with Webhook and Eventor

Add a webhook on Virtualpin, for example V8
Add a Button that triggers V8

Now: Pressing this button triggers V8 and this triggers the webhook.

Setting up an Eventor Alarm on another virtualpin like “If V5 is higher than 20, set V8 to 1”
(in my setup V5 has values from a laser dust sensor)

Now, if the value of V5 is getting higher than 20, the button will get on/green, but no webhook is triggert.

expected behaviour is a triggert webhook parallel to the activated button.

did i misunderstand anything in here?

thx in advance

Hello. Yeap. This is by design. As expected flow exposes vulnerability to the system (you may create endless call chain). So in your case you have to put webhook on V5 to fix the issue.

thx for your answer…

It’s difficult for me to understand why i should use V5 for the Webhook and how to trigger it on specific values then.
V5 has every second a new Value