Energy transfer between the accounts

This will be VERY good to be implemented some day.
Please Blynk owners think about it.

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Please post all ideas here:

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I did it. Thanks.

Dear @Pavel, although I entered my idea at the portal you instructed me, I cannot see it. Do you know why?

It’s not approved yet

OK thanks for let me know. I hope soon to get the required approval… It still on the queue more than a day.

Like any proper public poll… every opinion counts!.. once it has been pre-approved that is :rofl:


LOL ))
Well I doubt we will allow energy transfer, in any case not a generic account<>account. Who knows…

We have to review every topic because there are many duplicates, unfortunately. People iust post same thIngs over and over.

Fonts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dear Sirs @Blynk are you still review my posted topic? I think 3 ( or more? ) days has been passed …

Dear friend,
today I realized that hopefully my request appeared to the special request platform and it is ready for voting so if you think that this is an important feature please vote on:

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis


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@Costas are you back :slight_smile:?

Haven’t been anywhere @Dmitriy

How is crypto thing is going on?

Hope @mikekgr will not mind the thread wandering.


I haven’t stepped off the “island of love” for about 4 years but I am hoping to start my “world tour” taking in Athens, Manchester, Edinburgh, York and Orlando in about seven weeks time.

The crypto thing is doing fine and we have migrated to Amazon servers this weekend to improve Google SERP etc. Check out page loading times on your mobile for the Crypto website.

I am signed up for a hackathon next weekend and I wondered if Blynk had progressed to allow “server only” control? I love the ESP’s but it would be great to be able to build projects which just interface with your servers and don’t require MCUs.



I see.

Have a nice trip :wink:.

You can do that via HTTP API I think. However, not sure what is your use case here.

Blynk probably has an untapped market for punters that want your easy to use GUI and your server, but don’t want the complexity of working with MCUs.

Basically it would open up Blynk to the 97% that can’t code.

I just did a quick test with an old version of Blynk. Some features work without an MCU like video streaming and you can set the project not to show offline notifications for the imaginary MCU.

My requirement, and probably for thousands more, would be to use your wonderful Webhook widget to access 3rd party data and process it.

In its simplest form the results of the Webhook would be shown in Terminal, but without any coding. I noticed this thread a few days ago about Eventor and Webhooks which clearly shows Webhook and Eventor can’t be used together. I can understand why you have blocked the facility but it opens Blynk up to everyone if the feature was available, and developed further.

Is there currently any way for a Webhook to be called at timed intervals, and ideally for the result to be sent to Terminal, without any end user coding (and without an MCU)?

This is the kind of development that I think would be useful and obviously extending it beyond simply seeing the Webhook result in Terminal. Initial stage could be for your server to parse Webhook result for chosen string of say “{34}” (degrees) and an email / notification to be sent to the end user.

End user to be allowed to set the string that your server is searching for and the follow up actions etc. In short, a SuperEventor.


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