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I am using a local server and I can’t really understand how Time is Working in Eventor. My logic was that the time pin (or however you call it, as its just listed there with other pins) uses the time from the local server but this was not the case. Then I thought the local server thinks that it is in the New York time zone as the blink-cloud server is probably in New York, but this would be stupid… Well I was thinking about all this because the eventor didn’t trigger the event at the given time. Last thing I tried is to change the time of my android phone, I use an emulator and didn’t pay attention to the time there (it was not same as my location time) but it seems it is very important. Eventor Time function uses the time from the phone and not the time from the server, also changing the time zone in the eventor time fuction doesn’t have any effects.

Why would the developer take the phone time for this and not the server time, and what is the usage of specifying the Time Zone in the Eventor Time event?


@Cejfi Blynk has servers all around the world and you automatically access the nearest one when you are using Blynk’s cloud server.

I’m not a big user of Eventor but time is normally server based but phone / emulator time does come in to play.

With other time based widgets some Blynkers were surprised that events weren’t triggering at their allocated time. This was because their phone was a little fast / little slow compared with official UTC. So during testing if you set the trigger for 1 minute from now the trigger time may have actually passed or it’s 2 or 3 minutes later than you think.

Many phones are set to obtain time from the internet so it’s not normally an issue but some early versions of Android didn’t have this feature or some users disabled the feature.

What is the time on your local server and is your local server on the internet?

Eventor uses server time… or more precisely in your case, the time/date set on the hardware that your Local Server is running on.

The ability to set differing time zones in your app is probably becasue some people travel. So I suspect that they can set an Eventor event, based on where they are, and the Server calculates that acordingly.

So what issues are you running into?

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Let’s say you setup trigger for V1 at 01:00 PM with NY timezone and you are located in NY. Every second server checks current time. If (now(UTC) + timezone == 01:00) - trigger. That’s it. And now(UTC) is server time.

In nowadays many servers and phones sync their time via internet so there should be no difference between your phone time and server time. Usually.

Which time zone should I choose then in eventor when using local server, if I take +2 GTM for Europe, then it will be not correct as my server is already located in this time (+2 +2 => 4h)… Makes the usage kind of confusing, this means I should take +0 GTM which is not true, I am not in a +0 GTM zone.

If I am in a +2 GTM time zone, then I have to set my server time to -2 GTM time zone, so when I select the correct time zone in my phone (which is +2GTM) the sum will be zero…but this is also not optimal as my server will be set to a wrong time zone… What time zones do you use for your blynk-cloud servers all around the world?

P.S. So you say the time on my phone doesn’t play any role for the eventor trigger right? If this is so, then I have to check why it started working when i set the correct time (my citiy time) on the phone.

I believe they will all be UTC.

You are not using the “phone time” when you set it in the Eventor, you are telling the server what time and zone to process the action, so if you live in the same timezone as the server, set for the same timezone, but if you travel many timezones away, and want the action to happen based on your physical location, then set accordingly for your location…

My experience was different, it was also very late, I might have missed something. I’ll try again, and report back.

In my testing, I found I needed to give about 5+ mins lead time between setting and waiting for activation, anything less and my timer seemed to get missed… but once properly set, it was right on time, every time.

I mostly gave 2 min when testing. That might be the reason. Wondering how you got the idea to give 5 min… :smiley:

I went through a similar test a few months ago when assisting another user…

That’s how I determined the (at the time undocumented) Server time connection… I also tried “saving time” and originally tested at 1-2 minutes… it didn’t work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well probably when i changed the time on the emulator I gave the eventor more than 2 minutes and then it worked, so I got the feeling that changing the time of my phone had some effect on it, but it was only coincidence.

Still didn’t got time to try it out but I’ll soon report back.

Pain to test…

I tried it now multiple times with my timezone on my phone wrongly set, its not working. Took me 40 minutes to test as I gave 10 min between measurements as you said. If I set the correct Time Zone on my phone it works.

Can you try set your time zone manually to a wrong time zone, and report back?

P.S. It is interesting that the default time zone in the eventor timer is set to the time zone set in the phone, maybe the time zone settings in the eventor timer is not sending the changed time zone, it just sends the default time zone whether you change it or not…

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Reread you own statement :wink: Of course it won’t work if you set the wrong timezone (well, actually it will work, but you need to wait until your local equivalent of that timezone happens).

I did (because once I forgot to take local daylight savings into effect; I set for -7 and not -8, or was it the inverse?), and of course, it didn’t work when I expected it to… but if I had waited another hour (or perhaps 23), it would have worked.

If it takes the timezone from the phone, what is the point of the timezone from the eventor time settings?

I have explained that a post or two above… it is NOT taking your Phone’s clock info, it is taking the time and timezone specifics that you set it for. When at home, set for home, when abroad set for abroad… assuming you want the notification/action to work on “local”, aka whatever timezone you are in. i.e. using Blynk as an alarm clock.

Ok, I understood what you said before but what I say is, it is taking the time zone of your phone, try to change it (clock phone info) and you will see its not working.


Please explain step by step what you did (eventor settings). And what do you expect from your setup.

  1. Change time zone in Android to something else than your local time zone (I took Vladivostok) and use 24h format.

  2. Add Eventor and Notification to Project

  3. Add new event in Eventor and select Time

  4. Look at your PC time, hand watch, your grandmothers watch (one that works ofc.) and add +10 min in front. Set the time zone in eventor to your PC time zone, I am located in Austria so I took Vienna. Keep all days of week selected. Press “Set the time”

  5. Add Notification as triggering event

I expect the msg “It is Working!” to appear in the next 10 minutes, this is not the case because the time zone in Android is wrong, this means Eventor takes time zone from Android (image 1) as the input and not the time zone from Eventor (image 4).