Essential changes to FREE plan!

In order to optimize the platform performance, we will be reducing the limit of datastreams available in the FREE plan to 10 datastreams per template.

The change will go into effect on February 28.

We highly recommend adjusting your project to avoid any disruption or considering to upgrade your plan.

The changes only apply to the FREE plan and don’t affect the users of paid plans in any way.


Is it 10 datastreams per template, or 10 datastreams per device? If I have a template with 14 datastreams, and two devices use the template but each device uses only 10 datastreams, is that OK?

Hello, 10 datastreams per template

device uses only 10 datastreams


Yor answer confuses me. First you said the limit is 10 datastreams per template. But then for my example with 14 datastreams in a template, you said “yes”. Can you please explain more clearly?

The quantity of datastreams is the same in devices created from the one template.

The truth is not worth using Blynk 2.0. You develop a project and every so often you change the conditions of the free account… For those of us who do not earn money with the application, it is not worth developing projects with this policy


But that’s not always true. Before the new limit, couldn’t I have a template with 20 datastreams, and have a device that only uses one of those datastreams? And couldn’t I have another device using the same template, that uses 2 other datastreams?

Here is my use case. I have a template with 14 datastreams. The device currently using the template is a controller for a swimming pool heater which is only used in the summer. Some of the datastreams are used for setup and calibration, and are used only once at the beginning of the season. The other datastreams are then used constantly for the whole season. My question is, can I make device 1 that uses 5 datastreams to do the calibration then turn off, and device 2 that uses 9 datastreams, with both devices using the same template with 14 datastreams? This would save the effort of changing the template, and would give me the ability to upgrade my plan later if I decide to upgrade.

The FREE PLAN 10 data stream is also OK. BUT.! I think the best solution would be to have an intermediate solution! 2 devices-80 datastreams-12 DOLLARS/year! It would be much more accessible. It would bring more subscribers! Much more! Now many people are outraged! Next time only 5 datastreams/plan??? Thanks.


If your template has 14 datastreams, you can use them in devices up to 14 datastreams inclusive. Datastreams are the same, but the values in them are different for each device.

Hello, in my case I am forced to upgrade to the payment plan (7€/month) only because I need 14 datastreams? The rest of the features of the plus plan are unnecessary for me! Is there no option to pay for datastreams only on the 10 free? On the other hand, open projects with more than 10 data streams will stop working immediately after the change or is it only for new projects?

My understanding is that from 28th February you will only be able to have 10 datastreams per template, so 14 datastreams per template will no longer be possible.
Once you create those 10 datastreams they are available to all devices that are based on that template. If you have 2 devices and they are both based on the same template then those 10 datastreams created in the template are available to both devices.

Each device therefore has 10 datastreams, and these have the same names and variable types as each other, because these are defined at template level. However, the values for these datastreams are independent of eachother, so each device sees and writes different values to their copy of the datastreams.
The app and web console layouts for devices based on the same template are identical, but the values displayed are different.

In your scenario, this doesn’t help much.
At first sight it would appear that you could use two devices based on different templates - one that’s for your day to day use and one that’s for your calibration settings.
However, the problem with that is that you’d normally send the calibration data to your day-to-day device and the issue there is that you need datastreams on your day-to-day device to accept this information - which you don’t have available.

One (rather clunky) option I’d to assemble the calibration data into a single string type datastream, either as an array or as a delimited string, then un-pack it at the other end and probably store the results in NVRAM.

Another solution is to use the two template approach and the HTTP REST API to directly query the values from the device based on the second template, but once again that’s quite messy.

You could always use Node-Red to circumvent these issues, but that would probably cost more to implement than the Plus subscription.

At the end of the day it would probably be simpler to pay for the Plus subscription.


Does this mean out of the 25 datastream in my project, I can only use 10 from the 28th?!
Very disappointed Blynk is suddenly changing the limit after Ive worked so hard on my projects for college just for it to stop working in a couple of weeks :confused:


Ok, but why only let us know at such short notice? Also why not add another plan that we can use that don’t need the pro plan? The pro plan is overkill and at R114.99/month it is freaken expensive. I don’t get paid in dollars and don’t use my project to make money. How will I know which data streams will stop working? Will it be like in my case 11 and 12 of will it be the first 2 or just random 2? I wont have time to make the changes before the end of the month.

Also please let us know what you will switch off next for the free plan?


Yes, if you’re using the free plan.

You could always do a rolling monthly subscription to the Plus plan and cancel it when you’ve submitted and demonstrated your project.


Have you looked at the Plus plan pricing?

I guess (and it is a guess) that it will be done by datastream index number.


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I’m rarely active in this community but I really need to voice my opinion. I’m saying this in the most polite way, Blynk really should rethink this decision. Blynk really got me into the whole IOT aspect and they made it so easy for students like myself to learn coding and getting devices connected in such an easy way.

I am stating the obvious but a good amount of Blynk users are students who don’t have a source of income to pay for premium plans which like @Albertvdm mensioned are ridiculously priced especially for those who don’t earn in USD. Why would an an individual, who isnt profiting from Blynk’s platform, pay for a plan when they only have 1 device to connect but just need a couple more datastreams?!

The least we can ask is please give us an option to combine datastreams to one template for one device, so assuming the max number of templates is 3, that would basically equals to 30 datastreams all combined to 1 template. I dont see how this will affect blynk as its essentially the same thing on their side.

Sorry that is the plus price @ R114.99/month which is still overkill for me and way to expensive because I don’t need all the features. Something to remove the adds and just add a few small features like more datastreams and automations will aready help.

Thanks, I will just wait and see what will stop working.

Hello, a little regrettable the new change that you announce to us for several reasons:

  • it is discreetly reported by the app (no communications to the mail), I saw the notification in the app of luck yesterday, I would surely have found the project down on the 28th for not having reported correctly

  • The deadlines for the change are quite aggressive, practically without time to adapt

  • The payment plan that I am forced to move to only for staying with the current datastreams (I will not use any more functionality) excessively expensive. Don’t you have any intermediate options between the plus and the free? Any payment for additional data streams on the 10 free?