Esp8266 (nodemcu) wake from sleep after user input


I’m creating a board that have a mosfet that turns con/off whatever it’s connected using pwm (a button and a slider). Also, it’s going to have a bmp280 to display temperature and humidity.

What I want to do it’s keep the esp8266 in sleep mode if the pwm output is off and just wake up to check temperature and humidity, to save power.

Do you know how can this be done?

Thanks and greetings!

@luis_diaz if you think about it this is impossible. Blynk buttons and slider will not work when the MCU is asleep.

We have some systems which use multiple MCU’s connected to Blynk with the bridge widget and they are able to wake each other with RF etc.

I know about rf but I don’t want to use that.

With a single MCU it’s not possible and I guess you want the MCU to sleep to conserve battery power so multiple MCU’s will not really help you.

We use multiple MCU’s because they are mains powered but require 100% uptime.

It’s possible to keep it responsive ( with added latency ) using light sleep, i wrote a relatively in-depth post about it some time ago: ESP8266 Light Sleep

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Thanks @Gspin!