ESP8266 Arduino Core 2.4.1 is out

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It should filter through eventually with the “stable” URL… but meanwhile I needed to load this into my IDE board manager to get 2.4.1

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Huge number of fixes in the latest release.

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Finally, no more problems that I only heard about :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder how many new “unfixes” :wink:

All good software has some “unfixes” but the current team working on the Core seem to be pretty clued up.

When will the IDE update to 2.4.1? I tried library update and 2.4.1 did not show up. I downloaded the zip file from github and when I added the zip file in library, I get an error “specified folder/zip does not contain a valid library”. What should I do to update the core properly in the IDE?

Edit: My IDE shows in Board Manager ESP8266 core as 2.4.1. I thought this will show up in the library manager. Confounded me…