ESP8266 01 no respond

I do not see any upload file icon. I only see the word “upload”. But the " upload" unable upload also. I had uploaded once photo before using the word"upload" . But now can not.

I can see the photo you uploaded at Virtual pin referencing physical didn't work. Can help? so you should still have the facility. Users gain additional rights not fewer rights.

Try sending the image to me by PM if you still can’t upload it.

How to PM, I’m newbie here. Not so familiar to the facilities here.

Click on my avatar etc.

Still you can (?) drag and drop images (to the message area), but the usual ‘upload’ should work too. Weird…

I’m using phone here , not computer.

This is the USB TTL i using.

Wasn’t there a post a couple of days ago saying you need some hack for these to work?

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But I guess @TCC knows about it. he wired the GPIO0 manually

I have connect the GPIO0 to ground.

For esp8266 communicate to IDE, i have disconnected from GPIO0 with groung.

This is what are showed on screen using 74880 baud.

OK, GPIO0 short only during powering the board.
Then flashes correctly, right? So what is/was the problem? IF it flashes the chip, THEN it can communicate to computer.

But i enter AT command no respond.

This is what are showed using 9600 baud.

And are you sure, you are flashing the right fimware to the right board? What is “doing” the blue led? Is it flashing, or is it off? (when flashed firmware, and NOT doing anything through serial/USB)

This is what are showed using 115200 baud.

Yes, this one:


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Wrong baudrate!!

same here…