ESP32 vs C.H.I.P. Microcontroller/processor

I was searching for single board controllers with integrated wifi and bluetooth modules and found that there was a new board on the market. The C.H.I.P. which has wifi, bluetooth and vga/hdmi connection.
This board costs only $9!!!
This board runs a linux-like OS. Now I was wondering if there is a possibility to see if there is a blynk integration with this board.
Not as server, but as controller. So you can turn the lights on, when entering the room by checking the bluetooth connection strength.

The link to the site:

ESP32 has the same features, but the C.H.I.P. can also run processes which ESP32 can not.
But I think the C.H.I.P. will not be a real-time controller, which arduino-like boards are, caused by background processes of Linux.

It is just marketing. There are no c.h.i.p. boards on market yet.

My understanding is that they have shipped out thousands of them, no?

Estimated Shipping November 2016…as per their store

That is the next shipment date.

3621 units (excluding PocketCHIP’s) sent out before mid August


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Sorry guys, but mine is here already :wink:

I actually have :v: of them


nothing beats Raspberry Pi Zero 5$ … if you can find it…

@mikekgr It has no wifi, and no bluetooth, so no, not for me😉

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yes there are not configured communication ways in this hardware but for this reason we can use a very cheap ESP8266 as WiFi to Serial…

Well, you can’t buy it right now. Just preorder and you never know when they’ll come. So that’s mean they are not on market yet. While physically they exists :slight_smile: .

@Dmitriy your reference to “yet” is somewhat misplaced. They have already been on the “market”, sent out thousands and Pavel has them to prove it. Presumably Pavel bought 2 so they can be tested and added to your list of supported devices.

I want to buy 1 right now, but I can’t. So chip doesn’t exists for me until I’ll be able to buy it. Can’t buy = not on market.

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The WeMos didn’t “exist” last week then by your reckoning @Dmitriy.
My Samsung S3 doesn’t “exist” either or millions of other Android and iOS devices.

If you have big enough pockets you can have one of these none existent CHIP’s delivered to you in a few days.

Can’t buy/pre-order it either. But that’s because I don’t have a creditcard… Everything in the US needs to be paid with a creditcard. When you want a creditcard in most countries of the EU, you need to pay every month for the creditcard service without even using is.
In the EU we have a debitcard. In the Netherlands we use iDeal. Kind of PayPal but than it’s a realtime transfer between bank accounts.
So I tried to contact them to make an offer with PayPal, but they won’t.
So I need to wait until they want to work with PayPal…:unamused:


Yeah, was very surprised when I found this :slight_smile:.

Is this product really on ebay? Not a scam of some sort?

@hutje there are at least 3600 CHIPS owned by individuals so it is reasonable to find them for sale on Ebay.

The $5 Pi Zero’s were fetching a huge price on Ebay when they were first launched.

There are paid cards and free cards. I’m not paying anything for example. More than that, I’m getting 1% back for any transaction…