Anyone using PocketCHIP and Blynk for projects

I’m currently working on a small aquaponics project with PocketCHIP, CHIP I2C DIP, a humidity/temp. sensor and very basic Python knowledge.

The idea is that the PocketCHIP and sensor monitor the greenhouse humidity/temp. and report back every 15 mins. If the temp. goes up too much a window opens and the greenhouse cools.

Have to admit that I’m fumbling my way through the project. I currently have the code for the sensor, I added a countdown timer script for 15 mins and put everything in a while True loop.

Anyway, I’m interested in using Blynk to monitor the humidity/temp. on my iPhone, but I’m not finding much to go on.
Anyone using PocketCHIP or CHIP for projects, or would have an idea of how to get started connecting to the PocketCHIP.


They have been referenced in this topic ESP32 vs C.H.I.P. Microcontroller/processor

And I have managed to install (but not used) both server and client in C.H.I.P. (basicly following RPi install methods) - It is reportedly possible, but not officially supported in Blynk yet. Getting Blynk (client) to work on C.H.I.P. hardware

Aside from some direct Python/Javascript (i.e. I don’t know what it was :stuck_out_tongue: ) XIO pin manipulation of a battery monitoring script (non Blynk) I have not yet wrangled proper GPIO support… something I am working on learning, over on their forum.

Ok. Thanks.
I’ll keep up on the forum and see if anything developes.
I don’t have anywhere near enough know how to figure it out myself.
I would basically need a walk-through. Hopefully that would happen sometime soon.

While I haven’t yet tried it again for myself, here are some more recent pointers for installing NodeJS and Blynk Client on Linux (RPi) that should get you started… Linux is Linux, sorta :wink: