Esp32 digital dataStreams setting in console

Hi there,
As i am setting DataStream for my ESP32, i am planning to use GPIO23. But there is no this option Pin setting of Digital datastreams. Only exists pin 0~pin 13, and pin A0~A4, just like the image uploaded.
My question is that how can we control GPIO 23 thru Blynk app with Digital datastreams function rather than virtual pin datastreams function?


I’d suggest using virtual pins instead

The way that digital datastreams has been implemented in Blynk IoT makes no sense at all as far as I’m concerned, and I’d suggest that you stay clear of them until they are re-implemented in a way that matches how they worked in Blynk Legacy.

Have a read of this…

But, even when (if) digital pins are implemented properly, I’d still recommend using virtual pins as they give much more flexibility and also make it much easier to swap your sketch between different hardware types if needed.


Eventaully, i choose GPIO2(board LED) and GPIO13, which match to Pin 2 and Pin13 as i choose in Digital Datastream. And it does go High/Low as i switch in the app.

Thanks the help.