ESP32 Different Variants (S2, S3, C3, C6, H2) OTA

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I would like to save myself time and verify which ESP32 variants support OTA using the blynk platform before I start experimenting.

There are 6 ESP32 variants (ESP32, ESP32-S2, ESP32-S3, ESP32-C3, ESP32-C6, ESP32-H2) that I can find in total, each with slightly different features. (Such as Bluetooth 5, Zigbee etc.)

I just want to confrim, do ALL of these variants support OTA using the Blynk platform, otherwise, which ones are supported?

Thank you!


I am currently working with an ESP32-C6. Unfortunately, this microcontroller is not yet supported by Arduino and so it is hard to programm it :sweat_smile: