Does the BLynk C++ library support the ESP32-C3

Hi there, and Happy New year to everyone…
This was a really good question and I did not find any reply, maybe I missed something, well, my question related to S3 especially LilyGo T Display S3 is that chip is supported by the Consol?
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What exactly do you mean by “the Consol”

This original topic was about OTA with these boards. Is that what you’re asking about, and if so what issues are you having with Blynk.Air OTA?


Dear Pete,

I am sorry if I made some confusion…
What I am trying to say is whether Blynk Desktop Application is able to support ESP S3 or not…I called the Application as Consol…I made successful Blynk set up for “older” ESP Dev Board, but I failed when I tried with LilyGo T Display S3.
this was the reason for my question.
I searched for this words/issue in the Topics but found only one related question w/o answer, sorry for using wrong Topic if I did …
Thanks for the answer.

Okay, as your topic is on a different subject to the original one that you posted in (i.e not related to Blynk.Air OTA) I’ve moved it to a new topic.

I’ve made some assumptions with the topic title, if they are wrong then please edit the title.

The Blynk web console is fairly agnostic about the type of device that communicates with it. The question (which is why I put this in the new topic title) is whether the Blynk library you are using supports the dev board that you have.
ESP32-C3 and S-2 support was added in version 1.1.0 of the Blynk C++ library according to the release notes. This release was almost a year ago, and has since been superseded several times.

If you’re having problems with your LilyGo T Display S3 then you should share information about what version of the Blynk C++ library you are using, what ESP32 core version you have installed, what sketch you are using, and what issues you are experiencing.
If these are compilation errors then share the error information, otherwise share your serial monitor output.