ESP32-CAM Video Stream on Blynk

Hello guys

I have a ESP32-Cam, currently trying to connect the Blynk App Video Stream Widget.

Has anyone successfully got the stream to work. I have tried looking into

But i’m having trouble getting this to work.

I’m fully aware that Blynk needs a RTSP stream link almost like our DVR camera’s. But i have no clue how to load the correct code onto the ESP32.

Thanks all!!

That library won’t work well with Blynk as it stands, because there’s too much code in the void loop.

One person claimed to have had success streaming video to the app with this hardware:

But, he’s not said how, and hasn’t been seen on the forum since 30th July. If you figure out how to do it then please share your findings!


If i find a solution i will indeed.

I’ve got 2 boards coming so it will help!

I would really appreciate that, do you by any chance use discord?

I don’t know what it is…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: should I?? :sweat_smile:

Its a chat program. :smiley: but no worries

Hello people!
I was able to get a video stream for Blynk.
I used this instruction but I’m not using RTSP but HTTP. The advantage of this connection is the rapid download of the video stream. In order to be able to connect outside the LAN, you need to forwarding 80 port, but this requires a static IP.
But there is one downside to connecting to only one device.

Thanks for the info @gydota!


But if you not using RTSP how are you streaming video from the Blynk App? i thought it only reads RTSP.

I can easily program a button to point it to the video stream, but i want to beable to use the Video Stream Widget

Video Stream Widget can read HTTP

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Is that on Android or iOS?
Can you give us an example of the URL that you’re using in the video streaming widget?


So the URL for the ESP32 Cam i get is straight to camera no added features or anything like that so its a direct URL to the Camera.

The Device im using is IOS.

Another test i did, I used Arduino CameraWebServer example and get a Video stream link

Surely Blynk can stream that with the Video Widget but it doesn’t.

Edit: just to be clear i am doing all this in a local environment.

I was also able to configure it to be viewable from outside the LAN

Using this link http://xx.xx.xx.xx:81/stream?


This is awesome!, could i get your sketch for the ESP32-Cam by any chance? if possible

Having the URL tattooed on your finger was taking things a bit too far :open_mouth:



Sorry to bug you gydota but do you still have the sketch on your ESP32-Cam? Pleeeease!

I use the Blynk ESP32 Cam Example and my link is http://xx.xx.xx.xx:81/stream and using that link on the Blynk App doesnt work in Video Streaming