Hello! I want to create a project by connecting my esp32 to blynk dashboard and blynk to node red in which i want to publish and subscribe messages. How i can achieve that. need step by step guide for setting up node red and from where to get the certificate. Iam using arduino ide to perform all this

If you’re using Node-Red then the communication path should be…

ESP32 <—> Node-Red via MQTT
Node_Red <—> Blynk via the Blynk IoT contrib

No certificate needed, just the Blynk Auth token which you get when creating a template then a device in Blynk.

I’d start by reading this topic from start to finish. It was originally written in relation to Blynk Legacy, but the later posts bring it up to date with Blynk IoT (but don’t skip straight to the end, it won’t make sense)…

You might be using Arduino IDE to write the MQTT sketch that runs on your ESP32, but the rest of the work will be done in the Blynk web console and mobile app, and in Node-Red.


Have you tried searching the docs: