ESP32 BLE with DFPlayerMini

Hello everyone!
I want to use ESP32 BLE with DFPlayerMini and I have found this as a most relevant thing.

It uses ESP8266, WiFi and music player widget. But I want to make some changes but I am unable to do so (I am a complete novice please be helpful). I want to make these changes:-
I want to use -

  1. esp32 instead of esp8266

  2. BLE instead of wifi

  3. buttons to play individual audio files instead of music player widget

If you have any ideas please share them.

Note: I am new to Blynk and also ESP32. Please consider me to be a novice and be descriptive. Thanks

@federicobusero @PeteKnight please help :slight_smile:

I don’t have a DFPlayerMini board and have never used Blynk with Bluetooth.

If I had anything to contribute to the discussion I would have done so already.


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Thank you, :slight_smile: sir, if you know anyone who can help me please ask them to do so.

I assume that now you’ve posed this topic:

you’ve solved your problem?


Yes, sir, it was solved now, Thanks :slight_smile: