ESP-13 Web Server Serial WiFi Shield

I got this ESP-13 Shield that seems to be very popular on eBay. I’m unable to connect it to blynk… or Internet.

Output that I’m seeing:
[19] Blynk v0.3.7 on Arduino Uno
[520] Connecting to NetworkName
[1536] Failed to disable Echo

Using ESP8266_Shield sketch with modified auth token and wifi name/password.

I uploaded the sketch to arduino with shield’s switches being off. I’m unclear on what firmware version the ESP8266 chip has or how to check it or if it matters.

I’m able to connect to the network created by the shield, like in this video, but I don’t think I need it for this project.

Has anyone used this shield and got it to work with Blynk?

Please try to search forum before posting. There is a tonn of topics with similar error:

@vshymanskyy can we add it to documentation please?

Thank you, Pavel!

The threads suggest flashing ESP8266 firmware by connecting ESP8266 to USB to TTL converter. Since I can’t extract ESP8266 from the shield, I’m afraid this solution doesn’t apply.

I tried 5.5V 500mA power adapter.

I searched the forum ESP-13 Shield and couldn’t find a lot of references to the shield. It seems like the majority is using ESP8266 directly.

When you say “add it”, are you referring to a particular solution that should be added to documentation?

I have spent about 5 hours trying to resolve the issue and reading the forum. I apologize if I appear ignorant.

It actually does, you just need to find a way to upgrade your shield - it should come with your shield’s documentation…

I got it working!
For those of you who are in the same boat, here is the documentation:

I found this helpful for debugging communication between Arduino and the board:

This picture has helped me with uploading firmware as the pin configuration for ESP-12 is the same as for ESP-13:
When done with the firmware, disconnect pins GPIO0 and GPIO2.


I also got this working ,Its very simple.Just put a jumper wire between GPIO 0 and ground on esp side(shield is divided in two parts esp and arduino) and upload the firmware version 22 as detailed in many threads .before uploading you have to press reset once or twice using usb to serial converter.Please note that before flashing put the two switch on shield to off position.After flasing I uploaded hardware serial sketch to arduino mega and configured the shield with AT commands.After loading sketch put switches to ON position.For further info I can create a instructable if required.For connecting to usb to serial use tx0 and rx0 on esp side to usb to serial converter (tx-rx cross).I used no additional power only shield on top of mega and usb to serial converter. I only connected two wire to shield as I was using laptop usb to power both,If you use different power make the ground common.

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I just bought it for USD 6 from Aliexpress and its damm good.Also tested on uno and mega for hardware serial working fine

Do the switches always operate together ? Both on / Both off. If not what are the purposes of each of the switches? Thanks, I can’t wait to get this thing working.

These switches are just to disconnect from arduino pin 0 and 1(tx and RX) so that you can upload sketch to arduino also when you want to connect to esp keep them always off except when you are done with all setting of arduino and esp and u are ready to use it as shield

Also note that in hardware sketch make serial 1 as serial only

could you get it working?

Hi Prat,
I know this is an old one but I just start with a Wifi Shield and trying to connect with my Mega Arduino board and spent hours looking for solution but haven’t got one yet. I just stack the Shield on top of my Mega board, turn the power on and I can see the wifi connection and the IP address and I can ping to this address but I can’t get it work on webbrowser.
Could you give me a hint please :frowning:

Hi this will work only after you flash it with AT firmware ,hope I have explained it .you can see various threads to know how to reflash esp.I have explained it above.give it a try

Has anyone managed to get a simple scannetworks script to work on this Doit ESP-13 shield running on an Arduino Uno board ?

I can get the shield to run and can connect to it using the instructions posted on

I highly recommend that information to any newcomer struggling with that ESP-13 shield.

But I cannot get it to run a very simple scannetworks function. The serial monitor just says “wifi module not present”.

Can anyone tell me how to scan for networks and list their SSID, using this ESP-13 shield plugged into an UNO board ?


@Agribot This is another old topic, and your question has nothing to do with Blynk… but here is some information on a similar board that might help… along with all the links provided in the 5th post of this topic :wink: Google around if you need more.