eQ3 thermostatic valve control from Blynk

Hi everybody!
I like to ask if is anybody who is using a eQ3 Bluetooth thermostatic radiator valve?
I wondering if it is possible to control it from Blynk application via ESP32 with Bluetooth.


From what I’ve read about the limited range using BT, it seems that most people are using several ESP32s around their home and using MQTT to control them.
This approach would fit in well with the way that I use Blynk, which is to use Node-Red as an interface with Blynk and as a ‘rules engine’ for controlling devices via MQTT.


Thank You,
basically I have not so long distance between my radiators, but idea with few ESP is maybe a good point.

I like to do simple control, if temperature is lower than … set a new higher temperature on thermostat, etc.

What is a advantage to use Node-Red as an interface and control via MQTT instead of direct control from Blynk?

Now I have only a few Shelly modules control directly from Blynk, in the future probably I will add temperature sensors.

For me, the advantages are:

  • I can still use the Blynk cloud server, but I have a Raspberry Pi set-u in my own network to act as an MQTT/Node-Red server. This means that things like temperature control work autonomously should the internet go down - provided of course they my Node-Red server doesn’t go down.
  • Integration with services like Amazon Alexa are simple in Node-Red
  • You don’t have to use Bridge code when using multiple devices that need to talk to each other (such as temperature sensors and Bluetooth gateways)
  • It makes it simper to integrate other controllers, such as Nextion touch screens for local control over temperature settings.
  • If you ever decided to replace the Blynk app with something else then almost every Home Automation system uses MQTT

With your radiator vales you could use something like this as a ready-made solution if you were running MQTT:


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Thank You, I understand.

Maybe is a good idea to use a Node-Red, especially for me is important that I can control devices without Internet access, locally. I think to use local Blynk server on Rpi.

Another option is to use few ESP in each room which collect signal from eQ3, than it will send information to Rpi with NodeRed or to Arduino which can talk with MQTT devices, After I can send information to Blynk.
I need to try with Arduino, but first I need to check how to operate with MQTT devices, how to read and write information.

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