Enjoy new Blynk Example browser

This is our new innovation, that will allow you to match almost any board example with functionality example!
Beware, more to follow! :wink: Share with your friends!


The project is in early alpha stage, please report any troubles and/or ideas in this topic!
2 sleepless nights and now this is for you! :blush:


@vshymanskyy will it be developed so Blynkers can enter details like SSID, PWD and AUTH and have the nicely formatted sketch emailed to them?

exactly… but no even simpler - maybe no need to enter anything at some point :wink:

Awesome!!! Thank you Guys!!!

Nice work !!!
Will be an excellent tool.

great work - very useful !

Beautiful thing! Thank You! Already in my bookmarks… :slight_smile:

This is fantastic news.
Thank you all for such a wonderful system.

Every time I wake up and switch on my computer there is something new from you guys. Do you ever sleep and if so are you designing in your dreams?


Hello have a fault found where is the fishino board or the board is no longer supported by Blynk

It is, just not included in generator yet

nice project!
it would be better to sort the boards in the left select menus in alphabetical order.

That sounds like a security nightmare… Adding 3 clearly labeled strings to the code should not be an inconvenience to people working with Arduinos/Blynk.

@tyler785 point taken but do you mean based on intercepting the browser traffic or the email being intercepted?

Would you be happy with the browser updating your ESP directly with the required sketch including the 3 parameters?

Believe it or not some Blynkers do enter “Your Token” as their token and wonder why it doesn’t work.

Remember that some users are only 6 years old.


I’ve only used Blynk with Particle so I’ve never had to enter in my SSID and PW into my code. Granted this service is SSL so fine, I guess I could let that go. Emails are not protected however. I guess its up to the individual as what is acceptable. You can have security or you can have ease of use, generally you don’t get both.

Oh I believe you that users do leave “Your Token” but that is part of the learning process. You can’t hold people’s hands forever.

I get your point about kids, but 6? Most 6 years are just starting to learn to read, let alone write code. :grinning:

Blynk can be used, to a basic level, without writing any code.

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Wahnsinn m ‎(genitive Wahnsinnes or Wahnsinns, no plural)

  1. insanity, madness
  2. (colloquial) awesome!, man!, wicked!

I am all for definition #1… I feel that way when trying to learn to operate Blynk, in depth; or learn to code; or ask inteligent questions ;)… and I am a bit over the age of 6 :stuck_out_tongue:


@Gunner Blynk is not only about Arduino and coding :wink: