Email Widget Issue - Not staying cleared in iOS

@Gunner I’m having a very similar issue. I’m using iOS and the widget for continues to default to my account’s email address. When I clear the email address, it defaults automatically (after closing then opening the widget) to my account’s email address.

What App version are you running?

Actually, I just tested with the iOS Beta version… deleting it is apparently not enough. Try and change it to a space or somthing null like that, seems to work for me, but whether that will allow the sketch email to prevail is unsure.

Hmmm… deleting the space later returns the account email, it seems you cannot clear it - @Eugene, is this normal for iOS? Same widget in the same project, but on an Android, shows it as clear.

Blynk Version: 2.26.0 (9)

I’ve tried a space, double quotes, to no avail. I’ve tried replacing the widget as suggested in another topic but I get the same results.

Aside: Thanks for your speedy reply and setting up the new topic!

Don’t close and reopen to check if the field is empty. The empty field is filled with the default address on opening widget settings, but it is saved empty if you insist so.

Agree, this is unnecessary (comes from old times when you had to had address set in widget), I’ll remove this.

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Thank you. That does fix it! Thank you both for your help! @Gunner @Eugene

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