Drag widgets to Tab? Really working in IOS app?

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This closed discussion says that the drag & drop function for widgets had been implemented. Can anyone confirm that this is working? I can’t seem to get it to work. I activate dragging by taping and holding a widget and then drag it to the label of a different tab, … but then nothing happens. am I doing it correctly?

You probably have “old style” tabs, which don’t support dragging widgets anymore.

To convert old style tabs to new style, you have to move the tab bar to the top of the screen. To do that you have to make enough space at the top of each screen, by moving your widgets down.

Once it converts to the new style, you’ll be able to add more tabs (up to 10, rather than the 4 limit before).
If the tab labels disappear, or disappear when selected, check the colour scheme you’ve selected, as the text may be the same colour as the background or selected colour.


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Yes, you were right, thanks!

Thanks Pete, this information was necessary and helpful!

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