[IMPLEMENTED] Drag Widgets to Tab

Hi all,

Would be nice if one could drag a widget on Tab Page1 onto another Tab page. At the moment i have to delete the widget and create it new on the other page.



Yes, great idea.

We will wait some time to get more tabs users, collect feedback, and then perform a major update.

Oh you will… setting up a huge project atm :slight_smile:

I also really like the Idea!!!

I am standing on my table and clapping my hands at this recommendation!!!

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+1 for this idea request.

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Like also the idea. I just started and immediately encounter the problem of dragging one widget from a tab to another.

Hear hear, all those in favor say Aye (or like the first post, lol)

@Knochi @Matte @structure7 @TheYoungSoul @jacquesBBB @Lichtsignaal

Just want to say that I just successfully tested dragging between tabs (Android). I think we’ll do one more update in next 2-3 days. Stay tuned!


Great! Can’t wait for test it out.

Hear hear! Awesome! Can’t wait to try it out. It’ll save a lot of hassle.

Especially when you have menu widgets with 160 options that you want to drag to a different tab without recreating them from scratch.

Here you go - New Android Release 1.14.2


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i downloaded the blynk app for iso and i mad an account and i tap the screen to get the widgets tap to open so that i can add some and it wont open no mater what i do and i need to get it to open so can some one please help me so that i can use this app

Sounds great, possible to get the guage indicated in percentage, currently is in 1023 value. I am working on my water tank monitoring project.

Thanks again for the blynk group.

I can’t seem to get a widget to move between tabs on iOS. Did it get implemented on iOS?

Yes, as far as I remember. @Eugene right?

Yes, it was implemented.