Device Tiles with a single device and selectable pins, and sharing a single Template

I have a use case with about a hundred physical devices (that are independent of any embedded system), and a single embedded system (the Blynk device) that manages them individually as virtual pins. So basically, my device has a hundred virtual pins. As a side note, which I doubt matters, but my system must be air-gap - zero access to the Internet (using a local server).

I need to have a single page/template for each pin as it has many options to control it. For example, I have about 10 pumps I need to control, each with history graphs on usage, key data elements and icons, and control options. Other managed devices include lights (different types), and a security system - very different pages of information per device type, but the exact same within a device type (perfect for sharing of templates).

Right now the Device Tiles won’t let me choose the same device more than once. And even if it did, the energy consumed (both in money and time!) to build a page for each would be too expensive, as it can’t share a template across those devices.

What would be great is if Device Tiles could let me choose the same device, and specify the pins (multiple) to use in the template (like how Device Selector works for devices), and then share a single template. Likely this would be a new widget, such as a “Pin Tiles”?

If that’s too difficult, then another solution would be to have Device Tiles support sharing of a template like Device Selector does, still with the restriction of a unique device per template. In that case, I would have to create a “virtual device” (managed by a single physical Raspberry Pi) for each of my physical devices (a hundred of them) but at least I could share the page logic across them. But I’m not yet confident in how to do these virtual devices - thinking maybe a unique process per device but better would be a way a single process could “register” as multiple devices. And I don’t know the upper limit on how many devices Blynk can support!

So I guess this is both a suggestion for an improvement to Device Selector, as well as a request for guidance on how I might create a large number of virtual devices on a single Raspberry Pi.

Thanks everyone in advance!

As referenced many times in recent… please now submit all ideas to the new Blynk Roadmap

Thank You.

Sorry - I saw the option and used it, not even reading that massive banner at the top of the page! Please delete this post and I will follow up on the roadmap.

Blynk’s Tiles are seemingly more a precursor to the commercial application side of Blynk, as seems your number of needed devices? If so you might ask over on that side for further options.

Otherwise you should be able to use Device Selector with “normal” widgets/tabs, or even coding Blynk Bridges or API options for your multi-device needs?

We will leave this topic here in case someone can come up with alternate suggestions. EDIT - or we will just close this one and send them to your new topic :stuck_out_tongue: Creating multiple “Virtual Devices” on a single physical device