Device Tiles Widget / Terminal Action Type

Hi Pavel,

If the Community doesn’t express interest in an “Ideas / Widgets Ideas” Topic, they’re not going to vote for an equivalent Blynk Roadmap Feature. As I explained in my Multi-Line Value Display / Labeled Value Widgets Topic, I haven’t had much luck with the Blynk Roadmap. At least this way, the Community has a chance to see my ideas.

It would be nice if the Blynk Roadmap had an “Unvetted / Pending” category and a “Rejected” category. Every idea submitted to the Roadmap would first be categorized as Unvetted / Pending. Once an idea was vetted by the staff, it would move to an appropriate category (e.g., “Widgets Ideas and Improvements”, “UI Improvements”, “Cloud” or “Others”) or “Rejected”. At least this way a Community Member who takes the time to submit an idea knows it was at least considered. And the broader Community has visibility into the idea, even if it was rejected. I’m just uncomfortable with the practice of submitting a thoughtful idea and never having it see the light of day because the staff didn’t agree with it.

I’ll stick with “Ideas / Widgets Ideas” Topics for now. If the Blynk Roadmap logistics improve, I’d be more than happy to itemize my ideas and submit them via the Roadmap.


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