Device keeps disconnecting and shows "failed to disable echo" message

Hello! Can i get the latest firmware free download link for the ESP8266 wifi module since my connection sometimes connect and disconnect. Besides that it also appear “failed to disable echo”. Thank you.

That really a Google question, not a Blynk question. Blynk doesn’t make firmware for ESP… does.

You can also follow this guideline for using an ESP as a WiFi adapter for an Arduino… There are also some links in it for flash options.

You are using an older library as that message has been changed… update your Blynk library.

Thanks a lot

May I ask why the BLYNK software i downloaded from the google play does not have “auto save” button for the widget? Thank you

I don’t understand the question… once a widget is placed on the screen, it stays there until deleted… and any projects you create are actually stored on the server, not the phone, so there is no need for “autosave”.

The auto save i mean is the button which can save the movement of servo motor. When slide the angle you can push the save the button and it can run automatically according to the user expected angle.
This is what i mention for the SAVE button.

You will be pleased to know you have the “auto save” button widget. It’s just a regular Blynk button with the the labels changed from ON and OFF to SAVE and SAVE. Plus a line or two of code that you write.

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Ok thank you for the information

Oh… that Auto Save button… yes, it is right up there with my “Make Coffee” button. Unfortunately it is fairly useless until i write all the code and make all the mechanics.

Now, about the disconnections… did you get that part fixed?

Thank you

I not yet fixed, haha…

Try clicking on some of the links I already provided for you, further up in this topic.

Hello may i ask some question that why my servo motor will shake when the blue LED on the esp8266 wifi module blink. Any solution to solve it?

Should be a new topic… but search first for recent references to Servo Jitter as I have mentioned this issue and workarounds many times.

ok i will try it. Thank you