Device couldn't connect to network

I am trying to add a device on an Android, using the Blynk IOT app.

I have loaded the example Edgent ESP8266 code to my Wemos D1 Mini pro successfully.

When i try and connect to the device i am able to find and connect to the blynk network however on attempting to connect to the household wifi I always get
“You device couldn’t connect to the network”

I am at a complete loss as to why something so simple is just not working.

Any advice would be really appreciated

How many characters in your template ID ?


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Okay, that’s not the problem then.
Very long template ID’s produce even linger SSIDs which exceed what the ESP8266 can handle when creating the access point for provisioning.

Are you running a 2.4 GHz WiFi network that you’re connecting your ESP to?


I notice that you haven’t un-commented a board type…

// Uncomment your board, or configure a custom board in Settings.h
//#define USE_WEMOS_D1_MINI

which means that the default board type will be used.
It probably also means that the LED and provisioning reset button probably aren’t working. Is this correct?


I have uncommented the board type. You were correct. The onboard LED was not flashing. It does now and yes I am running on 2.4 Ghz Wifi.

Even though the App doesn’t connect to the network. When i look at my router I can see an “Blynk-LED-Blink-360D5” wireless client as a connected item.

So lost as to why this is so hard :frowning:

Have you tried to erase the flash ?

I don’t understand that statement. I think maybe you’re doing something wrong.

Can you describe in detail the steps you are going through, and copy/paste the output from your serial monitor.


On the Blynk website I have created the template. I am not attempting to add a device to that template on my phone via the app.

I have loaded the code in the pastebin above onto the wemos d1 mini pro sucessfully. When trying to add a device I get all the way until the configuring device section and then it fails. Here is the serial monitor output

15:31:21.837 → [67570] WAIT_CONFIG => CONFIGURING
15:31:24.639 → [70391] Sending board info…
15:31:24.779 → [70521] Scanning networks…
15:31:26.976 → [72721] Found networks: 4
15:31:39.888 → [85649] Applying configuration…
15:31:39.888 → [85650] WiFi SSID: Telstra031E Pass: 0432326017
15:31:39.935 → [85650] Blynk cloud: MMmWj5iTz2lNe9PkmatEPc9P01tU67ZI @
15:31:39.935 → [85654] CONFIGURING => SWITCH_TO_STA
15:31:39.935 → [85655] Switching to STA…
15:31:40.451 → [86192] SWITCH_TO_STA => CONNECTING_NET
15:31:40.451 → [86194] Connecting to WiFi: T031E
15:31:43.202 → [88958] Using Dynamic IP:
15:31:43.202 → [88958] CONNECTING_NET => CONNECTING_CLOUD