Deploying Blynk server on IBM Bluemix


i have a big problem to connect and reliably connect Blynk cloud server in my region - and that is because issues in my country and how they can monitor every body traffic - not because of Blynk it self,
so i registered on IBM Bluemix PAAS , as the free tire is enough for running Blynk server with 512MB Ram.
is any body have an idea how to deploy that is very far from my knowledge field.

@Dmitriy may have an idea ?!

Hello. Have no idea. I googled something like “IBM Bluemix PAAS run jar” but all I found doesn’t look simple.

@scropion86 any new news about that idea?? the Blynk cloud situation is unstable in Egypt !

For me still same the only difference is the app is connected normally, but the Hardware is keeps disconnecting almost every 3 seconds. Not usable at all but when using local server works perfectly

@scropion86 your are running local server on windows ?? or you have success in using IBM Bluemix??

Now way to run it on IBM Bluemix unless the jar file has major modifications.
I just run it locally on Linux

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