Defective found in official blynk help.. very urgent and important

defective found in official blynk help… very urgent and important

how and what i found :

at official example of blynk named ESP8266_Shiled.ino

header part of comments wrote (line 24,25,26)

It’s very tricky to get it working. Please read this article:

Then i Go to that link as they comments . at that link

:point_up: If you run ESP8266-standalone example on your ESP8266 module, it overwrites AT firmware of the module, so it won’t work as modem. Make sure your ESP is flashed with AT firmware (you can find stable firmware here, flash it to 0x00000 using this guide for example).

the file no more :frowning:

i search that page include file … it’s delete in 2020/6/18 - 10:42

and file name was

This very Important to me …
any one download this exact file (not alternative … because this file already they tested as
official blynk help…any change in version will occur 95% not working)

Very Thank

Note: This File Important Must be Upload to Blynk website and link to there

My Project Suspended till i found this file … :frowning:

In my experience, Blynk isn’t fussy about which version of AT firmware is used for this.

It’s best to download a suitable AT .bin file for the appropriate memory size of your ESP-01 from the Espressif website along with the latest version of the flash tool.


But in Official Help Wrote :

So Other than from above list they not been tested (may lead to “not compatible”)

Have a look at AT_Firmwares, and if you’d like, use the Blynk_Esp8266AT_WM Library

These are tested OK

  1. These Firmwares have been tested OK for ESP8266-AT shields and Blynk:
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Very Very Thanks To You … seem it’s same number

but before you post …i already searching about that again

but i find this strange information …


Note (1)
So Maybe i used 4 Mbits in worst case
so they not fit in esp module ?

so is the ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_V1.4.x (let “x” the biggest number available)
is mass compatible with all esp8266 ?

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