Date Input

Hi, wouldn’t be great to have a Date Input widget! Any event may easily be triggered by a calendar widget! or Date/Time widget!

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Yes, it would be great. But this is even better - there is already widget that does what you want, search for Time input widget.

time input doesn’t have this functionality, you can enter only minutes, hour and weekday.

but the op asks for entering a specific date, eg: 2017.nov.21, 14:10

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A couple of sliders for days/months?

Or use terminal and setup a few simple functions to act on some text

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I tried and it’s not that convenient! I prefer something like this …

I tried this, but we need to have good vision and a steady hand to set a value!

BTW: in table, non picked row need a fix to be visible!

Go for 2 Menu widgets, names of 12 months in 1 and numbers 1 to 31 in the other.

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I also tried it…(menu widget is on the left of screenshot) and is better, but needs more time to set it up(not really a problem!)…but the most important is that a Date/Time/Weekday widget will look by far better and will be by far more convenient to be used!

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I don’t see it in your screenshot.

I think we would all agree with that we are just offering alternatives until such time as Blynk creates the widget.

How about Step Widget instead of Slider? They can even loop around, say from …29, 30, 31, 1, 2…

AND press and hold will automatically scroll through the options… you set the speed.

Isn’t that all we ever do… when we are not shooting the idea down that is :stuck_out_tongue:

Alternative thinking is better than nothing.

Sure! that’s the whole point!

“3” - “ALEX” - “OFF” is MENU widgets

I was thinking:

January: Ιανουάριος (Ιαν, Ι)
February: Φεβρουάριος (Φεβ, Φ)
March: Μάρτιος (Μάρ, Μ)
April: Απρίλιος (Απρ, Α)
May: Μάιος (Μάι, Μ)
June: Ιούνιος (Ιούν, Ι)
July: Ιούλιος (Ιούλ, Ι)
August: Αύγουστος (Αύγ, Α)
September: Σεπτέμβριος (Σεπ, Σ)
October: Οκτώβριος (Οκτ, Ο)
November: Νοέμβριος (Νοέ, Ν)
December: Δεκέμβριος (Δεκ, Δ)

Is ALEX the Ascii alphabet for one of the month’s of the year in Greek or another language?

Slider, Menu, Step Widgets are really good solutions (seems Menu is the best due to text Description!) but the reason that I did this post is that after my experience of using them I found that a new Date/Time Widget will offer a more Professional UI for such application.

“ALEX” is a Light scene (a light group that will open or close at a specific date/time)

I think that is the big catch in many ideas… it is the business side that obviously gets the brunt of the workload, so it is their ideas that get processed first, and occasionally filter down to the free development stage.

This free side is what I am very thankful for… so while I may not get my dual video, or that pony :unicorn:… I (EDIT- WE :wink: ) now have a much better graph :smiley:

… you get the “free graph” and I hope someone listens us and finally we get free widget! :grinning: (almost free!)

Obviously WE ALL benefit :smiley: and yes, effectively free… coffee costs more.

Ok, my bad, I thought it was only about weekdays.

Actually the idea is very good. @Pavel.