Datastream do not work properly

the slide button associated to v3 vitual pin change ramdom way, i have this problem since a mounth to today aprox.

I’m curious about how you expect to obtain any assistance in resolving your issue based just on the information you’ve provided?

Maybe reading this will give you some clues about the type of information that you ought to be providing…


Pete your answer is very funy. You do not understand my question becouse it is more general that a simple code. My proyect are since 12/22 and work fine, but now i have problems despite having upgrade to a buy version of blynk. Your service is wrong, i use a automation when change a slide button state, to return it to off position affter a 30 minutes, and do not work any more for example. Sometimes work and sometimes do not…

I apologise unreservedly for providing an inferior service in relation to your question.
I will endeavour never to let this never happen again, by refraining from responding to any of your future posts on the forum.

Good luck with your project.


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