Data cannot be downloaded

I am not able to download the data on one of my devices. ^The data shows up in the super chart on both the web dashboard and my mobile device, however no data appears in the CSV file- only the headers.

I tried Raw, 1 minute, Average and MAX. The RAW is TRUE on the V101 datastream. Again, the graphs for V101 show data up to the present time.

The device is an ESP32 and it was working a couple weeks ago (I was able to download the data).

Is “enable data history” turned-on for that datastream?

What criteria have you used in your download options?


Hi, I have the same problem with mike. for last 2 days the data is perfect until today I want to download my data and it doesn’t show up, only the headers

Me too facing same issue.

My device has the “Enable history data” enabled and “Save raw data” enabled for the datastream (V101) going to the super chart. If the chart shows a curve over time, it it not saving the history data ? So why can’t I download it?

Seems like something is broken, since several others are having the same problem.

I have the same problem
no data can be downloaded
csv file only have the headers

Update on this issue here:

Closing this topic to keep everything in one place.