Reports only returning event data

@Dmitriy there are a few recent topics about reports not returning any data. Unfortunately the users creating these topics haven’t included much information about the type of subscription they have or the options they’ve used when generating the reports.

I’ve just done a few quick tests using my PRO account and can confirm that no matter which options are selected (all datastreams or just one datastream, RAW, 1day, 1 week, 1 month etc) the file that is generated only contains the datastream header names and no data.

The datastreams used all have “enable data history” enabled, and are receiving regular data and this is being shown in supercharts going back 3 months.

If the option to include Event data is selected then this file is populated with event data.

I’m using PRO account and the Lon1 server.

Here are links to the other recent topics reporting the same thing…



You don’t need to post in every topic that you find on the subject!


My customers are bashing on me, that’s why I put my comment on all post. To get a solution asap. Sorry

Have you raised a ticket?


How to raise it, I really don’t know…



Hello @PeteKnight. Thanks for report. We will investigate this issue.

Thanks. Yeap. The bug is confirmed. Working on a fix. Hopefully at Monday fix will be availabe.

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yes it looks like i have the same issue.

I raised a ticket and got a reply telling it will be resolved in 3 to 4 days.

@mizi @mike1950 @Dafadil_Harimasari @Sachinossusbio @Seth_MSR should be fixed now.

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Again I am haing a problem downloading the data on one of my 4 devices. It is an ESP8266 device.
I did change the DECIMALS FORMATTING on the 3 datastreams (V17,18,19).

Could that be the reason it stopped accepting data ? I don’t see the data on either my phone nor the Blynk Console since 7:10 AM EST on 29 January 2024. Also, the downloaded data ends at that time.

I checked everything on my end and see nothing wrong- the Blynk Write statements are executing and the Gauges on the same device are working.


Don’t these two statements contradict each other?

As this is clearly a different issue to the one that was originally reported in this topic, I’d suggest that you create a new “need help…” topic and explain in detail the previous and current datastream setup, the types of widgets you are using, what is and what isn’t working, the code you are using to send the data to Blynk, etc, etc.


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It shouldn’t affect data input. Most likely you have turned off “Enable history data” switch in DS settings.

I’m closing this topic as the original issue was fixed.

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