Dark Mode is the future. Blynk 2.0

doesnt it cost money to keep a server up and running ? :thinking: then again what do you do with your old modems that are outdated… :shushing_face:

I am still waiting for the dark background. I may have to cancel my subscription if you do not offer this soon. I can’t proceed without it. You have not provided any updates to the OS blynk (iot New) app at all! And you are at 3 stars 20 reviews as of Dec 5, 2021. I am bleeding money with my subscription. Please update soon.

It should be arriving by this year end. Hold tight !!!

Where did you get that timing information from?


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I don’t remember on which post. But it was discussed earlier and I remember reading that post by one from the blynk team.

Am I getting confused with any other features? If so i am sorry :thinking:

@Madhukesh I guess it’s this topic

Ho yeah.

But dark mode and dark background are two different things or same ?

It’s same, you can call it dark mode, dark background, or dark theme. It’s up to you :slightly_smiling_face:

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The only reference I’ve seen to the timescale for dark mode on the app was that it should be delivered by the autumn.
Winter in the northern hemisphere starts on 21st December, so there’s still time to squeeze it in before the end of autumn :rofl:



This is the very nice dark theme we will have on 25th of December 202X where X is a random number :wink:

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I wish it’s not X=9 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Do you mean the review data? Go to the app store on iOS and you will see.

No, I was asking where @Madhukesh’s timescale of “arriving by the end of this year” had come from.


I happened to read this long time ago. As @Blynk_Coeur is a long time member, i thought he must have been in touch with the blynk team and knows that the dark mode is coming. (As i read the word promised)

So i just recalled the same n said so.
Anyways let’s see if anyone from blynk team can tell us when we can get it.

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int Day = 25
int Month = 12
int Year = 2020 +random(1,99)

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error: ‘random’ was not declared in this scope

int Year = 2020 +random(1,99);


exit status 1
‘random’ was not declared in this scope


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If (Year == 2021)


compilation terminated.
error: conflicts with new declaration 
with ‘Promise’ linkage.
exit status 1
Error compiling for Dark theme.




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