Custom ESP32 Board

Hi guys, Happy New Year ALL!

I was WhitePlan owner and developed a product with Atmega328P+Sim800C. It didn’t go well so i dropped it after so many months.

Then, somebody interested in the same project and go back to Pro model this time. (Currently)

Anyways, if i get it right, my setup is useless now since Blynk2.0 doesn’t support Atmega328P. So i got a 1000pcs of nothing now :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Moreover, i love to design my own products so i don’t pay overly priced products in my country. So i designed the same project with the ESP32+Sim800C this time.

Everything was flawless with the same code in legacy but we have to migrate to new Blynk as you know.

Is there any example of Blynk.Edgent with SIM800C and ESP32 and pinouts may be?

I searched the forum didn’t find any answers.

Best regards

[quote=“TheNextProblem, post:1, topic:64428”]
but we have to migrate to new Blynk

Here’s a full guide

I’d suggest using WiFi connection method instead.

There is no WiFi in the wild. I have to buy a modem and powerbank system to use my “Pro” plan even though i have a modem in my system?

If that’s the case of new Blynk, this is a Huge downside of new system. What if i sold my products? Playing with GUi something but this is another level.

Let’s hope to it’s considered it again soon

Also, I’m not sure that this statement is correct…

I’m guessing that what you mean is that Atmega328P based boards don’t support dynamic provisioning or OTA updates via Blynk.Air ?

If you had a previously functioning Blynk product using the Atmega328P under Blynk Legacy then I don’t think that there is any reason why that same product shouldn’t operate with the same functionality under Blynk IoT.


Hi Pete,

Thanks for the reply.

If i understand correctly, you do looking for a solution too? I assume that with new Blynk2.0 we have to use Blynk.edgent to connect cloud? Or am i getting it wrong?

Of that’s true, That’s not a problem actually for me.
I want to use Blynk.edgent i want to use GSM since my products working in urban areas and there is no WiFi. So ESP32+GSM is a must for me.

I couldn’t find a solution :confused:

I went for a different solution, so no.

No, that’s incorrect.
You can use static provisioning, in the same was a with Blynk Legacy, so a Lagacy sketch may simply need tow additional lines of code to make it work with Blynk IoT.

There are many working solutions for ESP32+SIM800

Maybe you should explain exactly what you’ve tried and what issues you encountered.


That’s a good news then. How can i check if im using the legacy version or new blynk :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Esp32+sim800c is working but with Blynk.edgent i couldn’t find any solution.

I’d start by explaining what it is that you’re doing.