Current sensor ACS723 Blynk code

Hello, happy to be part of your community, unfortunately I am a beginner in programming I do not know C / C ++ and I am committed to studying it well,
and i need to embed in a sketch which shows current value on blynk app from an ACS723 by arduino uno. I haven’t found any similar code on the net. please help me

Use Google to find Arduino code that reads that sensor (Blynk doesn’t do that stuff automatically, it is predominantly an IoT GUI/HMI interface)… then merge that code into a Blynkified sketch that displays the output as needed.

When teaching myself how to program, I had done something similar in the past with an ACS712 sensor

I assume you realise that you need to have the Blynk script running in an an open terminal window when using the USB serial stream connection method?
If you’re doing that, have you chosen the correct COM port, and what does your terminal window show?

You might want to read this, and chose a better board than the UNO…


I chose the right com port because I used it on another DHT11 sensor and it worked. in fact for this project I realize it under proteus 8.9. I have the impression on my code is not right!

That answer tells me that you didn’t understand the question.

Your Uno has no built-in internet connectivity, so it can’t communicate with the Blynk cloud servers unless you use either a WiFi adapter, an Ethernet adapter, or you connect it via a USB connection to a computer, and run a program on that computer which will allow it to act as an internet ‘gateway’ for your Uno.

You do that by opening a command prompt on the computer and run a script which is provided as part of the Blynk library. When you run that script you need to specific which COM port on the PC is being used for the USB connection to the Uno.

When the script is running on the PC, you get feedback via the command prompt window about how the connection process is progressing. I’ve asked you to provide details of what happens in this command prompt window when the Uno tries to connect to the Blynk server via this USB connection method, but you haven’t.
My guess is that you’ve skipped the bit where you need to run the script, but unless you tell us that, or provide the data from your terminal window, then it’s very difficult for us to help you any further.


Okay, do you have a method of connecting a serial monitor to your SoftwareSerial pins (10 &11) ?
If so, what does this debug serial monitor show?


For this project I am using proteus so all my arduino uno and my ACS723 sensor and the com port are vertically controlled. so how can I plug a serial monitor on UNO to pins (10 11)?


@billyid Please don’t create new topics for same issue… I merged both together.

Having read this topic:

I assume that you need to create another virtual COM port and direct the output from your SoftwareSerial pins to that port.

I have to say that I find it difficult to get excited about Blynk projects that use emulated hardware - I don’t see the point in doing it, especially with an Uno.