🚀 Create a project on Blynk and win a FREE year of PRO!

:mega: Hey Blynkers! We are starting a new contest that can be a great opportunity to try Blynk at its fullest or even scale your hobby into a small business!

To participate, you need to:

  1. create a cool project on Blynk IoT
  2. publish a tutorial on Hackster.io
  3. share the link in comments and encourage community members to upvote

A short video guide will help you stand out among other participants!

We will select 5 winners, one in each of the following categories:

  • environment monitoring
  • agriculture, or indoor gardening
  • smart home
  • asset tracking
  • other (healthcare, HVAC, smart cities, energy monitoring, etc).

Except for the main award, the best projects will be featured in our blog and monthly newsletter :star_struck:

Submissions are accepted before March 31, 2023

We can’t wait to see all of your amazing projects and reward the winners!

Unleash your creativity and let’s get started :rocket:


Neat idea, and good timing. We just finished our project in which we automation some tasks in our greenhouse. Below is the link to Hackster. Anything else we need to do in order to participate in the contest? Cheers


Great project, thanks for sharing! You are all set for the contest :raised_hands:

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Cool project @PTSolns

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Hello …

I just posted this project (optimization of solar energy production) on medium.


I appreciate it’s not on Hackster, but I am sharing anyway

Pascal Boudalier


Hi, this is my project about how to achieve optimum bulk fermentation in sourdough bread making. I spend almost a year to research and implement it. Blynk is powerful platform to make any IoT project up and running, especially the UI (graph, value, font, etc) very-very clean and eye catching.

12 Likes, 1 Comments - BROD (@brod.baker) on Instagram: "15 seconds sourdough bread in a nutshell 

#sourdough #sourdoughbread"


@pabou thanks for sharing such an interesting project! We are really happy to see Blynk contributing to sustainable solutions, thanks to our users :herb: We would appreciate it a lot if you post it on Hackster as well, can you please do that?

@kevinmarcelino thanks for your project! Amazing example of how IoT solution can boost food and beverage industry :star_struck:

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Great contest, here is the link to my project on Hackster for a Smart Water Meter that I built using Blynk: Smart Water Meter
It is functioning very well, it even helped saving on water consumption, especially hot water in the shower! Hope you like the project and it will also be usefull to you in saving water.

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Do we need to use any commercial package to create a project for joining this contest?

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You can see the criteria on the first post.

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@Pedro52 such a great and really useful project! Thank you so much for sharing and welcome to the contest :))

@Vu_Thi_n Hi! You can create your project using any plan including a FREE option - no restrictions here :slight_smile:

Hello …

A renewable energy project

Maximize your solar to keep your home warm


@pabou Thank you!

A Working Prototype with “Working” being the operative word. Pun intended on the naming FYI

The project is an integration of Blynk with a MESH Network for my lifestyle property. Initially it will deploy with 4 nodes but I already have ideas for more. Unfortunately not all the ordered pieces have arrived in time so the current monitoring on the septic pumps are just simulated with static dividers.


Hi Blynkers,
It is a great idea to organise a contest and get inspired by the projects from the community. Thank you for that!

(Just in time) Here you have my candidate, miniAstroHeat, a smart dew heater controller for astrophotography and outdoor photography.
Specially in cold and humid countries, one of the most difficult challenges is to keep the lenses free from dew. This project helps to control dew automatically and with a minimum consumption of energy. This is critical when you are powering your equipment with batteries all night long in a dark remote place.

But then I realised that this project also helps to solve another “heavy” pain. Carrying my telescope, and astrophotography equipment in and out / up and down from my cellar was a big hurdle to practise my hobby. Now, I leave my beloved equipment outside all-year-round under a special cover and my dew heater controller. It monitors continuously the temperature and humidity under the cover. If anything goes out limits, I get a notification. Fantastic!

Looking forward to the results of contest!


@macca thanks for sharing! Super useful project to keep an eye on everything at your home!

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Thank you @maryna

I’m not the worlds best videographer and was rushed to meet the deadline. As you can probably tell I did it in a single take and just removed the Um’s and Err’s till it was reasonable. It’s funny how once the camera is rolling things that are rehearsed over and over in your mind just don’t come out the same :wink:

I have been updating the repository with better circuit images and the hackster story with more detail as I get time.

Yesterday I made the mouse-trap and will be setting it now it’s autumn and the weather it’s getting colder. Being on an ATTiny it will work “stand-alone” till the final sensors turn up and I can deploy the entire system.

After version one is deployed I’ll get some help from a friend and do a better video.