Correct syntax needed

Trying to get a custom event notification to work, so it doesn’t just tell me the temp is high, but it will tell me the temp, also.
on this tutorial page:
there is the line:

Blynk.logEvent(“over_temperature_alert”, String("The temperature is ") + t);

–but this won’t compile. To me it seems the ) is in the wrong place, but no matter how I try to fix it, I can’t get it to work.
Thanks for any help. I’m use Particle Web IDE for my photon hardware.

Post your full sketch (correctly formatted with triple backticks of course) along with the compiler error message.

Screenshots of how you’ve configured the alert would also be useful.


Your code line will not compile. Try using something like:

Blynk.logEvent("temp_hh", "TEMP HIGH ALARM: " + String(temperatureF));

Thank you RHW. I knew it was a simple syntax error. That worked perfectly!
Not sure who to notify of the error on that tutorial page so it doesn’t frustrate other users.

The tutorial you linked to is mine, but I can’t fix any ‘issues’ until I know exactly what they are, and for that I need…