Controlling multiple servos and servo driver through Blynk

Hello! I’m working on a project to control multiple servos using a servo driver, through sliders on Blynk.

I’m using:
ESP8266 WeMos D1R2 microcontroller (wifi connected)
Adafruit PCA9685 Servo Driver
Blynk v0.5.3 on iOS

Blynk connects to WeMos through Wifi, and WeMos is connected to the servo driver through the SDA and SCL pins, which should then drive the servos. I’m having trouble with the transmission between WeMos and the driver, however. The code i am using is the servo code from the Blynk website. I would think the servo.attach() command has to be changed to something to transmit i2c? Not sure about how to change the output data to a suitable one for the servo driver, please help! Thank you!

Please repost code, properly formatted as instructed, thanks. - Moderator

Blynk - FTFC

ANY servo command will likely need to be adjusted to accommodate control over I2C… but that is a programming issue, not a Blynk issue! We try to teach about Blynk, not general programming.

Read and test with whatever directions, library and.or commands that module uses (available on the Adafruit website).

Using the Adafruit PCA9685 library (and having a look at the examples) could be a way forward. Using the servo code from the Blynk website will not do the job in your case.