Controlling arduino mega with nodemcu

Hi guys. I’m new here and sorry for very obvious and totally newbie question (English isn’t my main language, please bare with me :smile: )
So, here’s the Questions.
My group decided to make a robot that includes many components (Servo, Sensors, Motor driver, etc.) and we’ll be using arduino mega and NodeMCU(?). I’ve been searching whether it is possible for the local server(rpi0/Orange Pi 0) to be hand-held and will be power-up by a battery, because the application will be running without an internet or any mobile data. So the question is, What will happen to the Blynk Application if the power of the server will be off? And is it possible for the nodemcu to act as a wifi shield for arduino mega?
Any feedback/advise please?

You seem to be asking a series of un-related questions…


It won’t work.

Yes. Most people use the smaller and cheaper ESP-01, but either would work if they have the factory AT firmware installed.

However, I would use an ESP32 instead of the Arduino/NodeMCU.


I included nodeMCU for the extension or wider wifi range of arduino mega that’s why i think of it as a shield. Please enlighten me. Is it possible for the esp32 to be the WiFi connection of the application and the local server?

With an ESP32 you would have built-in WiFi (and Bluetooth too if you wanted to use it), more memory than the UNO, much faster processing speed and dual processor cores if you needed to use them.



Does it mean I need a router or any access point for them to be connected to each other. I’m really sorry for asking lots of obvious questions (which I’m really not sure).

You should probably start by reading this:


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This is exactly a thread I was looking for. Thank you, Sir Pete and sorry for so many questions.