Controlling 2 arduinos using 2 phones independantly

HI All,

Loving the Blynk app and totaly new to this kind of thing, hopefully this is a simple question for you experts.

So ive got a project that currently uses an Arduino nano, plugged into my laptop, and i use my phone to control it. It works great.

If i wanted to replicate it, and have a second Arduino being controlled by another phone, how to i deal with the port selection?
I know when i set up this one i had to change the port number on the files to the right port number, i didnt want to go an start messing with it, rather ask to find out the answer. Is there a way to deal with mulitple arduinos controlled to 1 laptop?

Thanks in Advance.

Have you considered using a different connection method (WiFi or Ethernet) or a different device that has built-in WiFi?


Hi Pete,

Thanks for thaking the time to reply.

I hadn’t considered it, but will do some reading about it if you think thats a better option.
It was just that ive got this one working, ( wasnt planning on having more than one), but if i could plug in a second unit easily, it would be pretty smart. Ive suprised myself i got this one working without any prior knowledge.


You could probably have two instances of the script running together, with different COM ports and with devices using different auth codes, but I’ve never tried it.

However, using the serial connection method isn’t really a long term term solution. This is really designed as a quick and dirty way of getting people up and running when they don’t have a board with built-in internet connectivity.

Maybe you should read this:


Hi Pete,

I love the fact you described it as a " dirty " way. ha ha

Thanks i will read the link you sent, I feel like all i do is read at the moment, but its all good fun learning along the way !

Many Thanks

I think you’d find that switching from an Arduino that’s tethered to a PC that has to be on 24/7 with a command window open; to a device like a NodeMCU or Wemos D1 mini that can live anywhere in the house and just ‘gets on with it’ would be a bit of a revelation and open-up many more possibilities for you.

I have at least a dozen ESP8266 based devices scattered about the house all doing their own little tasks and feeding data into Blynk or being controlled by Blynk.


i think it sounds like thats exactly what i need thankyou.

If i may ask you another question while you’re replying which i really appreciate.

If i wanted to use my project but put it into my own app, is it possible to integrate it?
For example in the real world, they downloaded my own app, but within that they gained access to the blynk app within it? Bypassing the downloading the Blynk App and scanning the QR code, is this possible at all ?

Thankyou and sorry for so many questions.

No, I don’t think that’s possible.


ok thanks for your help, really appreciate it,

im off to do more reading and order new boards.

Just a note in case anyone reads this, you can use seperate com ports for different arduinos at the same time, just copy the Blink file so you have one per com port / arduino, update the com number in the files so they correspond, and load each one seperately.


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That’s possible only under subscription plan. Publishing of own app requires manual work. Also, you need to have the account for google/apple. Unfortunately, technically it is impossible to auto publish the apps due to monopoly of google and apple.

Yes I read about that last night, looks great. When I’m ready, that will be possibly an option.

Great work and thanks for replying :+1::+1:

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