Controling stepper by using rtc scheduller

Hi All,

i want to build a pill dispenser that work scheduller. user input a time for each box(my project use 6 box). box open by using stepper, for exemple if at 12.00, user input box 1,2 and 3, so at 12.00 stepper move, and open box one by one. this my project school. any suggest for me? thanks you am new to blynk and needed a simple scheduler for my otomatic pill system using Stepper that will rotate or slider a cover box that will open one by one.

since I could not find BLYNK code that match my requirements, thanks.

Have you got any code so far?

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I haven’t tried it in Blynk, I just tried using Arduino and I want to try using the Blynk application, but I don’t understand it at all and I’m confused about where to start and I just saw an example that I think is similar to this link “Simple 4 relay irrigation scheduler” but I haven’t understand too.

you need to learn how to trigger a relay with a Blynk virtual button first :wink:

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And also post the code you have, we can help integrate Blynk.

Use triple backticks ``` around your code so that it is formatted correctly :slight_smile:

Also before you start, if you have any delay() in your code, you need to look into removing them.

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