Connection type in new version

actually i downloaded the new version of blynk nd i m cnfused with the options of COONECTION TYPE(WIFI,ETHERNET,USB,GSM)…COULD SOMEONE EXPLAIN IT PLZ

With Blynk there is a standard communication layout between the App you see on your phone and the Hardware board you use:

App <–internet–> Server <–internet–> Hardware

Connection type refers to how you connect your hardware (and thus to the Blynk Cloud Server & App).

Some boards like the Wemos, ESP8266, NodeMCU all have built in WiFi connections.

Others like basic Arduinos just have USB (which requires a PC based process to act as a USB-Internet adapter), but can also be hooked up to “shields” that provide WiFi, Ethernet or even GSM (cellular) connection options.

And then you have Arduinos with built in WiFi and/or other wireless communication options like Bluetooth or BLE.

the BT/BLE option is in Beta, and has limitations compared to the rest, but acts like a direct link between your phone and the board (but the app still needs internet to communicate with server)… see here for a bit more info: Stand alone Node MCU (use Blynk without internet for MCU or phone?)

Basically, each connection type has it’s own way of being configured to connect to the internet via your router, cell data plan, PC based USB link, etc.

Go to the Sketch Builder (link at top right of this page) and just click on various boards and connections to look at the sketches to see the various types of Blynk.begin() commands and places to enter your connection specifics.

Then take your own hardware, set it up accordingly and get Blynking :wink:

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