Stand alone Node MCU (use Blynk without internet for MCU or phone?)

hi…i can using blutooth hc05 and blynk app without internet connection…but when i using Node MCU with stand alone example, i lost my connection with Node MCU when i stop my internet on my android…? what wrong…?
i want using node MCU with blynk app whitout internet connection…what must i do…?

The App itself still needs to log into a server… your projects are stored there not in the app itself. Probably the closest you can get to Internet free Blynk is using a Local Server with Local Area Network connection to your Android.

thanks for respon…why about my hc05…ist noneed to log into server…? because its work when i stop my internet connection… so not all project need to log into a server?

Normal WiFi/USB/Ethernet connection is like this:

App <–internet–> Server <–internet–> Hardware

But with Bluetooth/BLE it is a direct, short range and limited App-to-Hardware link, but still requires the App-to-server link to function:

Hardware <–BT/BLE–> App <–internet–> Server

If you don’t want any internet then you still need a standalone server for the app to connect to:

Hardware <–BT/BLE (or WiFi via LAN)–> App <–local area network connection–> Local Server

If you first connect the app to the hardware via BT, and then disconnect the app device (phone tablet) from the internet, the app will keep working working, via BT to the hardware… but as soon as you leave or minimise the app, it seems to need the internet (or connection to the server) to reconnect again.

So simple speaking, the App needs a Server, one way or another.


oh…thanks u very much…your answer very helpfull for me …

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