Connection problem to blynk cloud

I use esp32 in my project, there are 4 esp32
ı only use 1pc pin as pwm to drive an led
for of them work well but from time to time one of them stop connection
ı ckeck serial port it says " connecting to blynk cloud ", heartbeat works well
wifi is okey, because 3 of them work well, they are all side to side
it try to connect for hours but it doesnt.
if ı use reset button on it , connection immediately happining
it is really annoying to be in need of pressing reset button
ı may use them in an unreachable place so reset will not be possible
please help me
best regards

Add a piece of code, maybe called with a timer, that checks is Blynk.connected() is true.
If it isn’t then re-connect to Blynk.

Or, move away from Blynk.begin to a code structure where you establish your WiFi connection manually then use Blynk.config and Blynk.connect.


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Many thanks for your help