Connect using WiFi(NodeMCU) and hotspot(Android phone), No server or Internet

I am working on a project in which I need to connect NodeMCU with Blynk App over WiFi without internet. I have gone through the docs and found that I can use Bluetooth/BLE, but I prefer WiFi and Hotspot connection. I want to connect NodeMCU’s WiFi with my android hotspot(containing the Flynk app). Is there any such procedure for this by without connecting to internet server?

Yes, if you set-up a local Blynk server within your WiFi network then it would work.

You wouldn’t be able to use Blynk push notifications, Email or Twitter, as these all use external resources, but everything else should work.

This example uses a Pi Zero as a hotspot/router so you don’t need any additional hardware…

Personally, I’d probably use a router as my DCHP server/WiFi Access Point/router and a Pi 3 or 4 as the server, but there are many options available, including running the server on a Windows 10 laptop.