Choosing a MOSFET for my Project

I am planning to make a project which involves an ESP32 controlling some 12V Motors and an RGB Led Strip. The Led Strip needs to be dimmable(PWM). In the past I have used the BD711 and the TIP31. They work but since the ESP outputs 3.3V the Transistor is not fully turned on. I was searching online and found this MOSFET. The IRF3708. I was thinking if I could use this instead so that I can get the maximum output from the MOSFET. Do you think this is a great choice or is there something better?

Thanks in Advance

Not Blynk specific question, but scan through these… lots of options and explanations of the reasoning.

I use the IRLB8721. See this tutorial:

Don’t forget that if you use Arduino code that is meant for 255 PWM levels then you’ll never get full brightness with an ESP8266/ESP-32 because they use 1023 PWM levels.


@PeteKnight, surely will work but IRF3708 is IMHO a better choice, when comparing just the gate voltage:

BTW: there was a topic with very similar subject some time ago: