[SOLVED] Need help to choose Mosfet/Transistor to Run DC motor with Esp8266

Hi Everyone,

I want to run a DC motor 3.7/7.4 with esp8266/nodemcu. But I am not getting full speed/throttle using normal BC547 transistor nor uln2803. I want a transistor Darlington/Mosfet which can give me 1.5 Amps Collector current and can be driven by 3v logic from esp8266.

Form factor is important an I am making a RC plane receiver with this.

Thanks in advance!

I tried to use BC537 but its giving me a full throttle for few second then reducing by 50% approx. Then when I restart the switch it repeats itself.

Tip31 is best one bro

Bc547 also work

no bc547 has collector current max 500mamps. its works but not in this case as motor draws 1.5amps


Tip 31 ia power mosfet

yes saw the datasheet thanks let me get them…

I’m now using IRF540N mosfets., but you’ll need to add 220ohm resistor in series on gate. Altough i’m using it with atmegas which have 5V logic and mosfet gate is opening by applying a voltage, so it won’t work at full power. Any way i would look for mosfet with Vgs 3V. Or use a suitable transistor(drawback- more heat)

Yes I have irf40 but as you told it’s for 5v so doesn’t works well with 3v signal…Tip31 …i got them…till now it’s going the best performance 85℅ throttle… Hope I get some even better component… I need full throttle for my rc plane so will keep looking…
Thanks everyone!

@scientist1995 @ather86 But TIP31 is a bipolar NPN!
@wiipro: The IRF540N is a good and cheap power MOSFET, but its Gate threshold voltage can be as high as 4V, so it’s a no go for 3.3V logic.
Better choice can be for example IRF3708, with gate th. voltage of 2.0V max. Max voltage is 30V.
Or use some driver IC. there are plenty of them.

@marvin7 yes its a bipolar power transistor but as good gain with Collector current as high as 3Amps. If used as switch it can give good performance as I need to work with less than 12v dc I can still use them. Since I am getting a 3v mosfet its an alternative. If some one can suggest a mosfet it would be better as they are more relaible heat resistant and can switch high voltage and current. Please suggest if you know some mosfet easily avalibale!

isn’t the IRF3708 available in your location? If it is, then it should meet requirements. And it’s cheap too.
Can look for another one, if it isn’t
You can stick with power bipolar too, these are good enough, but you asked for MOSFET :wink:

No didn’t get IRF3708 will look for some other transistors

@marvin7 thanks…got one Irf3708… and its perfect… just the MOSFET I was looking for… orders some more from Aliexpress need to wait now!

TIP120 does nice job and u can get those 10pcs for a dollar from ebay :slight_smile:

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Hello all! Am also trying same kind of stuff which is trying to enable peltier module by esp8266 with help of irf540N …will it work??Please correct me if am choosing the incorrect one.
Thanks in advance!

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